RFOX Weekly: RFOX VALT SHOP Sale + New Website


RFOX VALT Completes SHOP Auction in the Arkamoto Quarter

RFOX has successfully concluded the sale of SHOPs in the Arkamoto gaming-inspired quarter of the RFOX VALT metaverse as of December 11, 2021, at 12 AM GMT+8. The auction has collected a total of 291.4891 ETH (USD 1,219,354) from the winning bids. Each SHOP received a winning bid worth between 7 ETH (USD 28,065.38) and 19.8 ETH (USD 79,384.93).

We are spending 45% of the ETH proceeds to buy back RFOX tokens from the open market. From these purchased tokens, about 1,291,026.08 RFOX are allocated for rewards to VFOX holders, while around 860,683.07 RFOX will be burned, respectively improving incentivization and token economics for RFOX. Here are the winning bids for each SHOP:

Ben Fairbank, CEO and Co-Founder of RFOX, said: “We thank the RFOX team, ambassadors, and community for their hard work in making this SHOP sale a success. With the world increasingly looking into the promise of the metaverse, we are well-positioned to become a major player in its future, and this sale is an important step towards that goal.”

RFOX Launches New Website, Strengthens Brand

Coinciding with the conclusion of the RFOX VALT SHOP auction, RFOX has formally unveiled a revamped company website, RFOX.com, which reflects the strengthening of the RFOX brand across the company’s solutions. The new website which showcases a more immersive experience for exploring the RFOX metaverse ecosystem, company milestones, and the strengthening of senior management and advisory teams.

“This is an important time for our company, when we are seeing unprecedented momentum in our launch of new solutions, partnerships, and features, especially the ongoing creation of RFOX VALT. The launch of the new RFOX website and our stronger focus on the RFOX brand will send the message to our community that we are serious about taking charge of the metaverse-driven future ahead of us,” said Ben Fairbank.

Bitrue Lists RFOX

Special thanks to the RFOX community, who voted for RFOX during the recent BTRVote event, Bitrue has listed RFOX on its exchange and opened up a new RFOX / USDT trading pair. This makes Bitrue the ninth exchange that has listed our token.

You can also get RFOX tokens on Kucoin, Bittrex, Liquid, Gate.io, Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Xanpool, and RFOX Finance.


We are using AIKON’s ORE ID single sign-on tool as the universal account for the entire RFOX ecosystem, including RFOX Games, under the brand name RFOX ID. Our mission to accelerate digital inclusion matches AIKON’s vision for solving global inequalities with simple, fast, and interoperable blockchain solutions. This mission is seen through the recent open beta launch of RFOX Games KOGs: SLAM!, the free-to-play play-to-earn game — introducing millions of users to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).



5 Reasons Why You Should Own A SHOP. SHOPs are some of the rarest virtual land in the metaverse, and with the past two sales, they will become harder to come by. Owning a SHOP also allows you to become neighbors with major brands in blockchain, such as CoinGecko, ICON, and Yield Guild Games. Learn these reasons and more in this blog.

Partnership Spotlight: ICON. Learn more about what ICON is all about and how our partnership with them expands the RFOX VALT to more communities and makes it accessible to more blockchains.

RFOX Games

Friday Slam-an. This is another first in KOGs history: a localized Facebook live stream AMA and mini-event for our Koggers in the Philippines. We also gave away 3rd Edition Booster Packs to the winners.

RFOX Games at YGG AMA. Special thanks to Yield Guild Games for featuring us in their latest AMA.

RFOX Media

Press Outreach in Full Swing. RFOX Media is going full steam ahead with a media blitz to strengthen the RFOX brand, in support of the recent RFOX VALT SHOP sale. Read what major crypto and non-crypto publications have written about us:

  • Cointelegraph: “One of the metaverse’s Big 3 companies grows over 1000% in a year”
  • NewsBTC: “RFOX: The Metaverse Project to Watch Out for in 2022”
  • Finance Magnates: “RFOX: Pushing Boundaries in the Metaverse”
  • Coingape: “RFOX: Building the Metaverse for Everyone”
  • IBTimes: “RFOX, Leader in Immersive Metaverse Experiences, Announces Its Second Virtual Land Sale”

RFOX Community

RFOX CEO’s Interview with CryptoWendyO on YouTube. Released days before the RFOX VALT SHOP sale, Ben Fairbank conversed with CryptoWendyO to discuss the specifics of the RFOX VALT, as well as the RFOX ecosystem.

RFOX AMA with Ready Player Me. This AMA features Daniel Marcinkowski from Wolf 3D, the creators of the ReadyPlayer.Me avatar app which is utilized in the RFOX VALT. This AMA covers the ReadyPlayer.Me application in the metaverse, music in the metaverse, the Deadmau5 partnership, and NFT fashion.

AMA with Ben Fairbank: Arkamoto Land Sale Week. For this week’s AMA, we focus on the Arkamoto land sale in the RFOX VALT. Plus, we have updates on the rest of the RFOX ecosystem.


Bitcoin hashrate approaches full recovery. The bitcoin hashrate, a measure of computing power on the network, has almost completely recovered to its level in May, when Chinese authorities started a crackdown on the industry. (Source: CoinDesk)

OpenSea denies rumored IPO plans. The world’s top NFT marketplace has denied it intends to pursue a public listing any time soon. This is after CFO Brian Roberts sparked a public backlash when he told Bloomberg that “it would be foolish not to think about going public.” (Source: Cointelegraph)

Microsoft’s venture fund backs NFT studio. Crypto startup Palm NFT Studio announced a Series B raise of $27 million on Thursday led by Microsoft’s venture fund M12. (Source: Cointelegraph)

This RFOX Weekly roundup is for the week of December 4 to 10, 2021.



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