RFOX Weekly: Building Continues Post-Auction


New Special Edition KOGs, Now on KOGs: SLAM!

Our Special Edition KOGs lived up to their name — special. We had to give them extra love and attention to show up in the game. They’re all taken care of now, so you should be able to see them in your game inventory, put them in KOGtainers, and use them in matches.

Making a special appearance are the Marvel superheroes from KOGs Special Edition: Bad Days, led by the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man himself!

You can get your hands on one of these Special Edition KOGs by clicking here.

Don’t have KOGs: SLAM! Open Beta yet? Download it on your Android device now!

Updated Roadmap

One major update that was launched during the recent unveiling of the new RFOX website was the revamped RFOX roadmap. During a recent AMA, RFOX CEO Ben Fairbank provided more insights on some key events on the new roadmap.

“We’re actually expanding the features and what we actually offer from a gamification (standpoint), and… that extends to the rest of the ecosystem, because everything that plugs in gets the benefit from that as well. It took a long time to get all those pieces together in a road map but now, we’re adding more and more pieces to that as well, so the challenge is always on how you add more features, benefits, and value to the end users. That’s always been the balancing act for us, and we think we’ve come to a happy medium and worked out how to do that now,” according to Ben.



Onboarding Quartermasters in the VALT. In a separate statement, the RFOX CEO recently shared that the process for onboarding the designated Quartermasters for the RFOX VALT metaverse has started. Alongside these Quartermasters, the company has also onboarded 15 new internal personnel to help grow the gaming aspect of the VALT.

RFOX Games

KOGs: SLAM! Updates. Following the recent release of the game’s Open Beta, we’ve applied fixes to some of the bugs that were discovered in-game. We’ve made 2nd Edition Slammers look slicker in the game now, so you can continue flexing them in your matches. We’ve also fixed an issue that causes other Koggers to lose a life or heart when matched with a rival, as well as another issue that prevents some Arena players from getting their pack prizes. Thanks for your support and patience.

RFOX Media

New Content in RFOX Academy. The RFOX Media continues with its ongoing mission to educate the public about important topics in the metaverse, NFTs, and more. Read the following recent articles:


Adidas to launch NFT collection. The apparel company is launching a line of NFTs on Friday, called Into the Metaverse, which will offer buyers access to what’s essentially a very exclusive fan club. (Source: The Verge)

Kevin Durant to drop NFTs on Coinbase. The NBA star’s Thirty Five Ventures, which invested in Coinbase n 2017, is now working with the exchange to execute exclusive NFT drops. (Source: Hypebeast)

Sandbox co-founder vows to protect the metaverse from Big Tech. Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Borget said that he is not very keen on Big Tech companies such as Meta joining the metaverse. (Source: Cointelegraph)

This RFOX Weekly roundup is for the week of December 11 to 17, 2021.


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Building the metaverse for everyone

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Building the metaverse for everyone

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