RFOX Weekly: Building Bridges

In this edition of RFOX Weekly: the launch of RFOX Bridge, the expansion of KOGs: SLAM! to more countries, and more.


Introducing the RFOX Bridge

We have recently launched the RFOX Bridge, a cross-chain bridge system that moves your RFOX token between Ethereum and WAX networks, in beta mode. Through this bridge, we aim to provide collaboration, interoperability, scalability, and flexibility between different blockchain networks for users on RFOX Finance.

KOGs: SLAM! Expands to Five More Countries

KOGs: SLAM! Open Beta gets bigger as we open the playground in more countries! Koggers in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka can now attack the stacks! Download the game now.

RFOX CEO Discusses Livestream Shopping in the Metaverse on the Weekly AMA

Our CEO Ben Fairbank returns on the latest weekly AMA, in which he discussed the prevailing market conditions for crypto, as well as RFOX’s progress towards the RFOX VALT’s MVP amid the recent influx of games and metaverse builders. He also brought up the concept of livestream shopping in the metaverse as one of the more exciting possibilities for the RFOX VALT. Make sure to watch this AMA that’s jam-packed with insights for everyone who follows the metaverse closely. Also, watch the most recent 90-second fireside update from Ben.



Meet 5 Key People from the Growing RFOX VALT Team. This article introduces some key members of the RFOX VALT team, whose roles and talents will have a significant impact in turning the RFOX metaverse vision into reality.

RFOX Games

Two New Builds for KOGs: SLAM! This Week. RFOX Games just had a very productive week, with several updates to the free-to-play, play-to-earn game. Aside from launching the game in more countries, the team has revealed the following changes:

  • Android 12 device users can now download the game.
  • We’ve added a Guest Player login to the game that allows anyone to try the game without a need for an RFOX ID.
  • We’re putting a minimum on the number of KOINS before you can convert them to RFOX.
  • We’ve patched a few bugs in the game, including a glitch in the display of Bad Days slammers.

Friday SLAM-an Returns. Join us on January 21, 8 PM GMT+8, on the KOGs Facebook page, as we talk about the recent updates and hottest topics in KOGs: SLAM! Open Beta.

RFOX Media

Four New Articles on RFOX Academy. This week, we have published four new informative stories:

This RFOX Weekly roundup is for the period between January 15 to 21, 2022.




Building the metaverse for everyone

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Building the metaverse for everyone

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