RFOX in 2021: The Year of the Metaverse Ecosystem

2021 has been a period of rapid acceleration and development throughout the RFOX ecosystem. We have solidified our vision for the metaverse through the RFOX VALT. In addition, several RFOX ventures made vital breakthroughs in their respective businesses. Today, we highlight the milestones and launches that defined RFOX’s year.

2021: The Year of Growth

This year, RFOX has moved from strength to strength. The RFOX token grew in value by 6x year-to-date, and this multiple reached as high as 15x at a couple of points during the year. Amid a volatile crypto market characterized by rapid rises and significant corrections, RFOX weathered all events and came out many times stronger. And despite reaching higher valuations, RFOX has solidified itself as a project to watch in the coming years.

Aside from price, the RFOX token also made great strides in trading volumes and the number of wallet holders. RFOX’s daily trading volumes have risen by as much as 139x from the baseline point of $360,000 at the start of the year, resulting in volumes that approach $50 million during the market’s high points in November. Adding to this momentum is the listing of RFOX on new fiat on-ramp and off-ramp payment gateways such as XanPool, making the RFOX token accessible to more people, especially those new to crypto.

The number of RFOX wallets grew 9x for the year, from 2,272 at the start of the year to 20,850 at its end, due to the rise in the public’s interest in RFOX across the ETH community, as well as the introduction of RFOX to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in May.

From a group of 12 people at the start of the year, RFOX has expanded rapidly to a team of more than 75. The new C-level executives and several talented developers, marketers, analysts, and administrators contributed significantly to the company’s momentum this year. Key additions include CFO Lei Don, CIO Rui Nobrega, CMO Piyush Bhatia, RFOX Games GM Fadzly Yusof, and RFOX Media GM Maria Java, as well as resident advisors Brian Cu and Joe Tawfik, who were more actively involved as we approach our product rollouts.

We’ve also grown our social media footprint this year, with 57,465 followers across our social media channels. Year-to-date, our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Discord follower count increased by 991%, 663%, 569%, 517%, and 214%, respectively.

We haven’t even scratched the surface of our full potential; with RFOX’s acquisition of MyMedia and its 13-million strong following in Myanmar, the company is in a great position to scale its reach. And with a strengthened RFOX brand in December, highlighted by the launch of the RFOX ID system in November and the new RFOX.com website in December, plus a stronger global marketing team formed late this year, we anticipate further growth for years to come.

But beyond these numbers and events, RFOX grew in 2021 through the launch of new ventures and products, the forging of several partnerships, and the achievement of significant milestones.

RFOX VALT: The Metaverse Awakens

As the core offering of RFOX, the RFOX VALT was years in the making, but it has made waves in the metaverse scene this year. From the public introduction of the metaverse concept in May to the launch of its official website in August, RFOX VALT hit the ground running with massive development, including a complete map with themed quarters, integrated Readyplayer.me avatars, and multiple interactive features being planned.

With the support of the RFOX community, we were able to launch two successful virtual land sales for the RFOX VALT metaverse in two of its four planned quarters: the art-inspired Callinova in September and the gaming-themed Arkamoto in December. RFOX VALT was able to earn about $2.8 million worth of RFOX and ETH tokens across the two SHOP auctions. The company is poised to fast-track the completion of the RFOX VALT through the revenues generated from the virtual land sales.

In addition, major blockchain companies have started sharing the RFOX VALT’s vision of the metaverse. This year, RFOX VALT secured partnerships with CoinGecko, Yield Guild Games, and VOID Cyber, all of which will be Marquee Clients in the metaverse. In addition, RFOX’s partnership with VOID Cyber allows us to add premium brands to the metaverse. We are also working with other companies, including ICON and Harambe Protocol, to build our metaverse.

RFOX Games: KOGs are a Slam Dunk

This year also marked great progress for RFOX Games, as its maiden game KOGs: SLAM! gears up towards worldwide launch. With the game’s Closed Beta in September and subsequent Open Beta in November, thanks to thousands of early adopters for the game during these beta events, RFOX Games is getting closer to a full launch next year.

RFOX Games also significantly enhanced its KOGs (Keys to Other Games), regularly releasing new versions. The venture also went one step further, allowing the RFOX community to create their own NFTs through the rollout of the KOGs Mint Lab in November.

RFOX’s acquisition of an NFT from the Bored Ape Yacht Club and the subsequent minting of BAYC KOGs, starting with Minty, showcased the compelling value proposition of this new platform, with other BAYC NFT holders also joining in. Furthermore, RFOX Games also pursued NFT partnerships of their own, like its tie-up with MarvelousNFTs, through which the venture introduced KOGs that feature Marvel characters.

KOGs has been a major growth driver for RFOX this year, with a total of $1.9 million in revenues generated and 11,000 KOGs holders currently participating in this growing free-to-play, play-to-earn business model.

RFOX NFTs: New NFTs for the Universe

As one of the three new ventures created by RFOX this year, RFOX NFTs leveraged the global rise of NFTs this year and scored some major accomplishments along the way. Aside from being the official platform for the auction and distribution of RFOX VALT’s virtual SHOPs as NFTs, the venture also powered the Miss Universe Philippines NFT Collection launch in September.

As a white-label platform, RFOX NFTs empowered businesses to create and spread their own NFTs without worrying about the technical aspects of the launch. One noteworthy example of RFOX NFTs in action is the launch of limited-edition NFTs from Reebok and A$AP NAST, powered by the venture’s NFT technology. Thanks to the deal between RFOX and VOID Cyber, which served as the connection to Reebok and A$AP NAST, we were able to exhibit the capabilities of RFOX NFTs.

Our deal with VOID Cyber also gives us access to more premium brands that may consider doing their NFT drops. This partnership also resulted in an agreement with Dr. Scott Bolton to create Chasing Space NFTs.

RFOX Finance: DeFi the RFOX Way

Formed in May, RFOX Finance introduced a DeFi element to the RFOX ecosystem. This year, we launched the VFOX token, a rewards token that entitles holders to a share of the revenues generated from activities in the RFOX VALT. To jumpstart this launch, we created staking and farming pools through BSC to encourage RFOX holders to earn rewards.

As of December 28, a total of 1443,90,668 RFOX and 150,33,593 VFOX were staked in RFOX Finance’s DeFi products, while the venture’s active liquidity pools secured $182,06,238 in total value locked (TVL). RFOX Finance also took over the token burn process for the RFOX token. Its cumulative burn of 16,484,940 RFOX tokens helped maintain scarcity and sound tokenomics for the RFOX token.

To cap the year, RFOX Finance debuted a new farming pool on Ethereum, making it the second blockchain upon which the venture operates. This unlocks a broader audience on the crypto industry’s top DeFi blockchain.

RFOX Media: From MyMedia Acquisition to the Metaverse’s Media Destination

RFOX’s newest media venture emerged from the acquisition of MyMedia, the top digital marketing company in Myanmar with over 13 million followers. Since this acquisition in March, the RFOX team worked hard to scale this company into RFOX Media, which officially launched in September.

RFOX Media made its presence felt with the unveiling of the RFOX TV platform through the release of video footage for our partner beauty pageant Miss Universe Philippines. The digital media campaign driven by RFOX Media for the pageant, particularly for the Miss RFOX segment of the competition, has resulted in significant social media attention, particularly for Miss RFOX winner Kisses Delavin, who helped introduce the RFOX brand to a wider audience.

The venture then proceeded with the launch of RFOX Run in October, which introduced a novel play-to-eat business model for play-to-earn games and proved popular in Myanmar, with 4 million games played so far. At this moment, RFOX Media is fine-tuning the RFOX TV platform into a broader digital media enterprise by next year, and we anticipate this launch to be a significant growth driver for the RFOX ecosystem.

RFOX Partnerships

As mentioned earlier, these are the partnerships that helped RFOX reach more people with our solutions:

  • Miss Universe Philippines, for the first-ever beauty pageant NFTs plus digital media coverage (March)
  • MarvelousNFTs, for KOGs with Marvel characters (June)
  • VOID Cyber as RFOX VALT Marquee Client and for adding premium brands to NFTs and the metaverse (September)
  • Dr. Scott Bolton (in conjunction with VOID Cyber), for the launch of Chasing Space NFTs (September)
  • Harambe Protocol, for building within the RFOX VALT (October)
  • Yield Guild Games as RFOX VALT Marquee Client and participation in beta tests for KOGs: SLAM! (October)
  • CoinGecko as RFOX VALT Marquee Client (November)
  • ICON, for building within the RFOX VALT(November)
  • Reebok + A$AP NAST (through VOID Cyber) for the launch of limited-edition NFTs (December)

RFOX in 2022: Liftoff

While 2021 is a year of major growth for RFOX, we believe that this is just the start of the incredible journey ahead for the company. This year, we’re merely setting the stage for even bigger launches in the years to come. Here’s what the RFOX ecosystem has in store for everyone next year:

  • RFOX VALT will run two more virtual land sales for its metaverse next year. More importantly, the RFOX VALT will be launched, first as an Alpha for VR platforms, then as a Beta with PC & Mobile integrations in line for full launch.
  • RFOX Games will fully launch KOGS: SLAM! early next year, leveraging its free-to-play model to become a major player in the play-to-earn space. We also anticipate the continuous launch of newer KOGs, plus another game in the pipeline.
  • RFOX Media will deliver on its goal of launching the RFOX TV digital media platform next year. This will unlock new media opportunities as it synergizes with RFOX VALT and the rest of the RFOX ecosystem, such as online e-commerce, live streaming, and more.
  • RFOX NFTs is gearing towards the launch of the RFOX NFT Marketplace next year while continuing its white-label services to companies that plan to get into the NFT market.
  • RFOX Finance will expand its reach to more blockchains, such as WAX, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, Fantom, and more, giving RFOX holders more opportunities to maximize their holdings through the venture’s DeFi products.

With an ever-growing ecosystem, team, performance, and suite of partners, we at RFOX are excited to see how the future of the metaverse unfolds in 2022. We give special thanks to the RFOX community for their continued support for our endeavors through the years.

In fact, we showed our appreciation to the RFOX community through various promos and giveaways, as well as staking rewards. For KOGs supporters who held on to their KOGs via staking, they received a total of 4,174,250 RFOX in rewards as a token of appreciation. We also gave away $5,236 worth of KOGs booster packs in various community activities. Stay tuned for more rewarding activities next year.

And as always, we shall strive to provide them with an even more rewarding experience next year and beyond. Happy holidays, and may we all have a fruitful new year ahead.

- The RFOX Team




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Building the metaverse for everyone

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