RFOX ID: Your Passport for the RFOX Ecosystem

Nov 30, 2021

Today, we have launched the RFOX ID Account System, a single sign-on tool powered by AIKON’s ORE ID, where you can create your own RFOX ID to get access to the products and services we offer throughout the RFOX ecosystem. With the RFOX ID, you can send and receive digital assets that you use within the RFOX ecosystem. We will unlock more features for the RFOX ID in the future, so creating an account now will make it easier for you to stay connected to the latest developments across RFOX.

Creating your RFOX ID is easy. You can register for an RFOX ID using any of the following: Google account, Facebook account, Apple ID, (email address, or phone number coming soon). Once you create your RFOX ID, you will be given your own WAX address and ETH address, both connected to your ID, allowing you to fully benefit from the RFOX ecosystem.

For this launch, we have integrated the RFOX ID system in the free-to-play, play-to-earn game KOGs: SLAM!, which is launching its Open Beta today, November 30. Upon this launch, you can transfer the KOGs you have stored in your WAX Cloud Wallet to your RFOX ID. Doing this will allow you to use your stored KOGs in the game. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Sign up for an RFOX ID using your Google account, Facebook account, Apple ID. Click the button that corresponds to the account or method that you want to use.

2. You will be asked to confirm the account you will be using, depending on your chosen method. Once that’s done, you will be prompted to enter a strong password for your RFOX ID account. Create a strong password to protect your RFOX ID, then click Continue.

3. Once account creation is successful, you’ll see this screen. Click on Let’s Go to see your account.

4. You’ll be led to your RFOX ID account page, where the first thing you’ll see is your profile. You can add your details and see your RFOX ID ETH and WAX addresses in this page. On the menu bar on top, you will also see features such as Vouchers, Terms of Use, About Us, and My Account, under which you can edit your profile and see your wallets.

5. To go to your RFOX ID wallet, go to My Account and click My Wallet. You’ll see two functions: WAX Balance and RFOX Balance. You can use this page to transfer your RFOX or WAX to and from another address, as well as to send or receive KOGs to or from your WAX-supporting wallets.

The KOINS you earn in KOGs:SLAM! can be converted into RFOX. After conversion, the RFOX you converted from the game will be available in the My Wallet Page.

You’ll be able to transfer your RFOX tokens from your RFOX ID account to your personal wallet soon, so watch out for our announcement about this feature!

Register for an RFOX ID Now!

About RedFOX Labs: RedFOX Labs is a venture builder based in Vietnam, that identifies and builds successful business models for the Southeast Asian markets. It is focused on unlocking the true market value of the Southeast Asian digital economy for high consumer demand services such as e-commerce, e-media, e-travel, and esports/gaming and focuses on adding value to the digital economy through the use of emerging technologies such as blockchain. As a company, its value is tradable through its native token ($RFOX).

About AIKON: Blockchain and crypto are technologically complex. AIKON makes it simple. We’ve built a suite of intuitive products built on the ORE Network for enterprise companies looking to provide a seamless user experience that works cross-chain with Algorand, Ethereum, EOS and more.




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Building the metaverse for everyone

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