RFOX Community: Now on Discord!

Oct 18, 2021

Starting today, we are upgrading the official Discord channel for RFOX Games’ KOGS community and turning it into the official RedFOX Labs community channel on Discord. We’re now on discord.gg/rfox.

With this update, we are upscaling our existing KOGS channel on Discord, a strong pillar of our outreach to the RFOX community, by turning it into the central hub for discussing all things related to RedFOX Labs and the RFOX Ecosystem. This will allow RFOX community members to get clearer answers on their questions and to follow the conversations from different ventures within the growing RFOX ecosystem.

As part of this change, the new RedFOX Labs Discord community channel will feature separate channels for all ventures of the RFOX ecosystem, such as RFOX VALT, RFOX Games, RFOX Finance, KOGS, RFOX Media, and more.

In recent months, thanks to our communications with the RFOX community members, it’s become clear to the RFOX team that a central hub on Discord, particularly the already-strong KOGS channel, is important and beneficial to the wider community, including new members who are just starting to learn about RFOX, long-time supporters who gain from growing our community, and our talented business ambassadors and moderators who help the community and provide updates.

Ben Fairbank, CEO of RedFOX Labs, said: “With this step, we are consolidating and improving the way we talk with the community and respond to their questions and thoughts on the overall progress of our RFOX ecosystem. On behalf of the RedFOX Labs team, we look forward to having you all in our new Discord channel.”

Once the migration of the RFOX community to Discord is complete, the Telegram group of RedFOX Labs will be transitioned into an announcement channel in the coming weeks, and remaining members will be encouraged to join the Discord channel instead.

How to follow RedFOX Labs — join the below channels to keep up to date on all ecosystem developments.

Twitter | Telegram | LinkedIn | Facebook | Discord




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Building the metaverse for everyone

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