RFOX Bridge: Move Your RFOX Tokens with Ease between WAX and Ethereum

Move RFOX tokens between WAX and Ethereum networks with just a few clicks on RFOX Bridge in beta mode.

Today, we have launched RFOX Bridge in beta mode — a cross-chain bridge system that moves your RFOX tokens between Ethereum and WAX networks. The aim here is to provide collaboration, interoperability, scalability, and flexibility between different blockchain networks for users on RFOX Finance.

Using the RFOX Bridge portal, you can access cross-chain utility on these networks with just a few clicks. Follow these steps to harness the RFOX Bridge without being tied down:

  1. Go to https://bridge.rfox.finance/.

2. On the top right corner, connect both your WAX and ETH wallets.

3. If you don’t have a WAX Cloud Wallet, you can use ‘Anchor’ and ‘Scatter’ options to connect your wallet to RFOX Bridge.

4. After linking both wallets, you can view your RFOX balances in each wallet.

5. Key in your desired transfer RFOX tokens to bridge over and click the ‘TRANSFER’ button. The top chain is the source network, while the bottom chain is the destination network.

Tip: If you want to move your RFOX tokens from WAX, you need to click the red button in the middle to switch the bridge mode from ‘Ethereum to WAX’ to ‘WAX to Ethereum’.

6. Once you are confirmed on the Ethereum side, your RFOX tokens will be transferred to your WAX wallet as part of the bridging procedure from Ethereum to WAX.

7. If you want to transfer your RFOX tokens from WAX to Ethereum, go to the ‘Claim’ tab and claim your tokens from the Ethereum network by clicking the ‘Claim’ button.

Note: Keep in mind that there will be gas fees for claiming your RFOX tokens on the Ethereum network.

Stay tuned for more!

The RFOX Bridge is an important tool in RFOX Finance for increasing cross-compatibility in the blockchain space. We plan to increase more cross-chain liquidity between different blockchain systems in the future. So, watch this space and join our Discord for more updates!




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Building the metaverse for everyone

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