RedFox Labs Identifies Cybersecurity Partner to Protect Their Blockchain Ecosystem

Hacken Cybersecurity Partnership with RedFOX Labs

RedFOX Labs, Southeast Asia’s first blockchain venture builder takes security extremely seriously.

As we build enterprise-level solutions we need to ensure that our code is audited and secured and that all APIs are pen tested and checked for vulnerabilities. Identifying a long-term security partner became a strong priority to secure the long term value we are creating.

We searched far and wide for a cybersecurity firm that could partner with us for all of the companies that we build and for all of the products that we release. We believe that nobody in the blockchain space has a better reputation for security excellence than Hacken.

Today we start what we hope is a long term partnership to protect us and our partners against the dangers of running a business on blockchain technology.

This is one of our first mainstream partnerships and highlights our focus and dedication to ensuring our end users are safe and secure when interacting with any RedFOX Lab commissioned product or service.

Every company that deals with sensitive data should ensure its privacy and secure storage management. “Hacken is honoured to work alongside RedFox Labs as they develop their very own vibrant blockchain business ecosystem.” Hacken will utilize forward-thinking cybersecurity best practices to provide RedFOX Labs with the highest quality of applications secure code review.

Hacken is a global cybersecurity consultancy firm. It provides a wide range of cybersecurity services such as security assessment, deep-dive penetration testing, bug bounty as a service, and secure code review.

In return for protecting the interests of RedFOX Labs end users, we will provide Hacken with opensource access to products and services which may be of benefit to the users and customers of Hacken.

We truly believe in building two-way relationships and ensuring benefits are gained by all involved as we share a vision of realizing safe and secure blockchain mass adoption.

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