New Partnership: RedFOX & Misfit to Mix Blockchain & AI

Bringing Emerging Tech to Emerging Markets

2 min readDec 4, 2019


Emerging technologies — blockchain, AI, and robotics, for example — exist to make the entire globe more efficient and secure.

RedFOX Labs began its journey as SEA’s first blockchain venture builder more than a year ago. Since then, it’s become evident that blockchain requires passengers on the road to widespread adoption.

In other words, blockchain’s quickest route to the masses is via commingling emerging tech. Because while blockchain can be complicated, even at the consumer level, AI can help users navigate the choppiest of waters.

RedFOX aims to make all of our products intuitive and user-friendly. But for those in need of a digital concierge, we’re adding AI chatbots to our future releases.

But rather than go it alone, we’ve partnered with one of the region’s most prominent AI development studios — Misfit Technologies.

Upon the launch of our upcoming cashback and rewards app, users in Myanmar can say “hello” to Misfit’s award-winning ALICE chatbot.

If SEA’s Internet economy is to keep growing, those who don’t yet take part — a whopping 74% of Southeast Asian adults — require easy access.

RedFOX Labs is thrilled to enter into an agreement with an organization aligning with our mission of digital inclusion!

Craving more info? Head on over to the RedFOX website where we have a pair of informative articles waiting for you:

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