Building Roads — A Traffic Report. Week №11

Oct 04, 2021

A Message from the CEO — October 4, 2021

Introducing New RFOX Pools

Our very eventful September has ended, and we welcome October with a bang. We introduce you to three new crypto financial products from RFOX Finance, all on Binance Smart Chain. Together, these new products will allow you to make the most out of your holdings in RFOX and VFOX tokens. We provide a brief description of these products below:

  • Stake RFOX to Earn VFOX. We’ve bought back 250,000 VFOX tokens from the market to offer as rewards in the new RFOX Pool. For this RFOX staking pool, we will distribute 0.0965 VFOX in rewards per block for about 90 days. Join the pool here.
  • Stake VFOX to Earn RFOX. The RFOX VALT Callinova auction rewards will be distributed via this pool, and you can stake and unstake at any time. For this VFOX staking pool, we will distribute 1.707 RFOX in rewards per block for about 90 days. Join the pool here.
  • Stake LP Tokens to Earn RFOX. We offer you a new staking Pool for VFOX|RFOX LP token holders. Thanks to the success of the RFOX VALT Callinova Auction, these RFOX tokens were allocated as additional Farming rewards. Join the farm here.

We’re ready to hit the ground running this month, just like the previous month, and the launch of these pools and farms for RFOX and VFOX tokens signals a good start for things to come.

Before we dive into our recent developments so far this month, here’s a recap of how much we’ve built in September:

  • We launched the first auction for SHOP assets on RFOX VALT, jumpstarting the creation of our virtual space on the metaverse. We thank all participants for submitting a total of 29,503,803 RFOX worth of winning bids, which went as high as 2,000,009 RFOX in the case of SHOP 1.
  • We introduced the RFOX VALT Grants program, which will provide funding for promising NFT artists who want to show their talents in RFOX VALT.
  • We debuted the Miss Universe Philippines NFT Collection, where we offered 10,000 limited-edition NFTs and ran a 10 ETH contest for holders of the winning contestant’s NFT.
  • RFOX Games launched KOGs SLAM! in closed beta and collaborated with Yield Guild Games (YGG) and Real Deal to introduce Philippines-based players to the game.
  • RFOX Media ran a poll campaign on who should be named Miss RFOX among our Miss Universe Philippines contestants.
  • We announced a new partnership with Goama, which boasts 30 million users, to help us launch a new idle game named RFOX Run on their platform. This game will be targeted toward the Myanmar market and drive acquisitions to RFOX Media.
  • We also announced our first NFT partner and building occupant for the planetarium. We joined forces with Dr Scott Bolton and VOID Cyber to bring you the Chasing Space Project, a first of its kind and using the RFOX NFT platform on Ethereum.

We aim to deliver more milestones and accomplishments this month and the succeeding ones, to make your new staking activities for the RFOX tokens more worthwhile.

In case you missed last week’s update, read it here. For more recent internal and external updates on the rest of the RFOX Ecosystem, read on below.

1. Before we go further, make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to find out how you can win one of 3 VR headsets and take an early look at the RFOX VALT in VR.

Want to win an early access pass for the RFOX VALT and be one of the first people ever to see it? Join our newsletter here and be the first to find out how to enter.

2. The RedFOX Labs Ventures

2.1. RFOX Games:

  • NEW: RFOX GAMES completed its Closed Beta Leaderboard Challenge, where we distributed 51,000 RFOX tokens in rewards to players. This is a prelude to the free play-to-earn model we’re introducing to the market.
  • We recently launched the KOGs SLAM! game in free play-to-earn closed beta. We’re now entertaining 5,000 people in the match and Arena gameplay, including people who were brought in thanks to our new partnership with Yield Guild Games.
  • Experience first-hand the growth of KOGs SLAM! by joining our Discord group for the game’s community of over 10,000 people.
  • You can buy NFTs from the KOGs SLAM! Popular collection here.
  • Undoubtedly, with the further roll-out of RFOX VALT and the games on its pipeline, RFOX Games will be a major player in the play-to-earn space and beyond.

2.2. RFOX Finance

  • NEW: RFOX Finance launched the following crypto-financial products: RFOX Staking Pool, VFOX Pool for RFOX VALT Rewards, RFOX-VFOX FARM.
  • Behind the scenes of the public-facing launches, the RFOX Finance team has been hard at work arranging on- and off-ramp providers, which will be ready for play-to-earn launch and more products in the pipeline.
  • They’re doing this while smoothly running the staking mechanisms for the RFOX and VFOX tokens and the RFOX Finance website.
  • RFOX Finance updated the card for displaying RFOX tokens burned on its homepage.
  • Total RFOX burned has reached 16.2 million RFOX tokens.
  • The RFOX Finance’s homepage UI has been updated to account for new RFOX VALT assets.


  • NEW: We have started creating avatars on the RFOX VALT metaverse, in collaboration with ReadyPlayer.Me and Unity Asset Store. For more information, please read this article.
  • To recap: the RFOX VALT SHOP auction was a success, yielding almost 30 million RFOX from auctions of 25 SHOPs. We have identified 3 blockchain platforms that will be represented in the RFOX VALT and 2 companies that have had no affiliation to blockchain previously but bring exciting concepts to the space.
  • The RFOX Quartermaster application process is ongoing; you can read more about it here.
  • For more information about the RFOX VALT, read our recent weekly blog.

2.4. RFOX Media and RFOX TV

  • NEW: We provide a sneak peek of the interface for the upcoming RFOX TV platform. More to come soon.
  • NEW: RFOX Media launched a website with a video gallery for its poll campaign on who should be named Miss RFOX among our Miss Universe Philippines contestants. Upon the end of the voting period, the website was able to log 28,000 votes.
  • RFOX Media recently launched a new Miss RFOX Philippines website, showcasing the best of its partnership with Miss Universe Philippines, while also providing a sneak peek of RFOX TV’s capabilities.
  • Speaking of Miss Universe Philippines, the contestants were gracious enough in supporting our SHOP auction, special thanks to RFOX Media’s efforts
  • Earlier this month, RFOX Media announced its partnership with Goama to create RFOX Run, a game that targets the Myanmar market and aims to drive acquisitions to RFOX Media. This game introduces a play-to-eat business model, thanks to our partnership with Foodpanda.
  • RFOX Media continues its search globally for a GM and has attracted some serious talent so far. If you think you have what it takes to join RFOX Media, you can apply here.

2.5. RFOX NFT Platform

  • Watch out for more updates on this space.
  • We recently launched the Miss Universe Philippines NFT Platform, where we facilitated the sale of exclusive NFTs for the pageant. Thanks to all who participated in this first-of-its-kind NFT offering.
  • Our white-label NFT solution is shaping up to be a viable platform for offering NFTs within the RFOX ecosystem, while also being a great win for RFOX utility.
  • Previously on the RFOX NFT Platform, we secured a partnership to launch Chasing Space NFTs soon.

2.6. RFOX e-commerce streaming and cashback

  • Watch this space for further updates from our e-commerce venture.
  • The E-commerce streaming app will be bolstered by the release and launch of RFOX TV and streaming. However, this is the biggest standalone venture and will still require a significant amount of work for us to realize its full potential. We will look to launch this venture in line with the release of The RFOX VALT.
  • The launch of RFOX Media getting closer means that progress will start re: a final product in the coming months. The E-commerce streaming app collects revenue from cashback, affiliate programs, a 5% platform fee and revenue from KOLs. We have not forecasted revenue for 2021, and this is likely to still be the case; however, we will update you if this situation changes.

3. What are the other significant updates within RedFOX Labs?

RedFOX Labs has multiple ventures but also various sections within its headquarters. Here is a summary of the key highlights of last week:


  • New finance partner applications are being processed, aside from the above-mentioned Moonpay and Signature Bank.
  • On and off-ramp partners for FIAT integration are progressing well in multiple countries and ahead of the play-to-earn rollout.
  • New payment partner applications have been submitted.


  • Security Audit Statement of Work shared with Haken, which is one of our partners in ensuring the safety of our products and services.
  • Landing page for Miss Universe Philippines NFTs and the NFT platform were launched.
  • Continued testing for the new ETH-WAX bridge we have built to expedite RFOX adoption and integration into our NFT platform on the WAX side.
  • NFT Whitelabel platform sprint 3 completed. We can now view NFTs on the marketplace and inventory page of each user, as well as integrated function, to show, buy, or sell NFTs.


  • New external marketing firms are onboarded and have started work on enhancing marketing for the RFOX ecosystem
  • Setting up an internal structure to mirror Red Bull Media House.
  • New targeted marketing campaigns are running on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Multiple announcements and PR releases relating to the projects launching in September have been launched, with more to come to round up the month.


  • We are in week 14 of the entire RedFOX Labs family completing an internal weekly survey, which ranks their personal performance against our 5 core company values, and then the company’s ability to deliver according to those same 5 values. For us, our value system is everything and our north star. We hold ourselves and each other accountable and ensure we are developing and progressing together.
  • For those who are new to our community, our values are 1) People First 2) Trust 3) Create 4) Connect and 5) Commit. We received the second-highest score since we began the exercise 14 weeks ago, reaching an overall 8.90. The record high was 9.10 last week.

4. Conclusion

  • New farm and pools on Binance Smart Chain from RFOX Finance
  • Closed beta leaderboard with prizes for RFOX GAMES’ KOGs SLAM!
  • RFOX Media’s Miss RFOX webpage reaching 28,000 votes for its campaign

So many great things are now happening in our community, so make sure you follow the channels below to never miss an update.

How to follow RedFOX Labs — join the below channels to keep up to date on all ecosystem developments.

Twitter | Telegram | LinkedIn | Facebook | Discord




Building the metaverse for everyone

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Building the metaverse for everyone

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