Attack of the White Hat Hacks

New Partnership Cements RedFOX Labs’ Dedication to Cybersecurity

RedFOX Labs + Hacken = The Toughest Blockchain in Southeast Asia

Every minute of every day, cyber networks are under attack. Shady creepers are always trying to break into someone else’s infrastructure.

And on the blockchain — one of the world’s most scammer-ridden environments — network security is critical to survival.

Attackers only have to win once in order to wreak devastating havoc on a blockchain network.

In American Football, there’s a saying that goes, “the best offence is a strong defence.” And in the 24/7 game of cybersecurity, those same words ring true.

At RedFOX, our blockchain is our most precious asset. And after scouring the blockchain for a team capable of keeping our network safeguarded, we’re proud of our new collaboration with cybersecurity firm Hacken.

So, why Hacken? The answer boils down to a fancy acronym: BSaaS. You see, in our quest for a solid partnership, Hacken’s Blockchain Security as a Service ticks all the right boxes.

The global leader in blockchain security

Hacken’s Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Every time RedFOX builds another blockchain-powered venture, 1,000s of lines of code — tens and hundreds of thousands of characters — see the warm glow of a developer’s monitor.

Now, if but one line of that code contains an error, the castle’s drawbridge may be left wide open to invading marauders.

And building a moat around our digital castle is why we’re now partners with Hacken. The firm’s specialty is repairing vulnerabilities before black hat hackers know they exist.

This quick video explains why Hacken’s services are incredibly beneficial for bolstering blockchain safety:

Hacken offers a broad range of cybersecurity services including security assessment, deep-dive penetration testing, bug bounties, and secure code review.

Hacken also hosts live, client-specific hackathons to target exploits. We’ll soon see an event in which ethical hackers do their best to bust into the RedFOX blockchain.

Any successful breaches tell us exactly where to concentrate our security efforts. The experience is priceless and delivers unparalleled peace of mind.

Mutual Appreciation

Every relationship benefits when both parties maintain a mindset of giving. In that vein, we’re providing Hacken — as well as its customers — with open-source access to RedFOX products and services.

We’re firm believers in teamwork and the concept of paying things forward. As RedFOX and Hacken make discoveries and facilitate blockchain innovations, it’s not our place to horde them for ourselves.

Looking ahead, should Hacken feel the need to add a RedFOX creation to its data-security ecosystem, we’re happy to share.

Wrapping Up

As the world gets thirstier and thirstier for data, more and more fraudsters emerge from the shadows. And the word on the street is that in cryptoland, there are plenty of coins and tokens up for grabs.

The blockchain is a hazardous environment in which it’s critical to exercise extreme caution in any business dealings.

RedFOX Labs, not wanting to go it alone, sought an ally. Through our new partnership with Hacken, we now have a companion to help us navigate the treacherous road to blockchain mass adoption.

Hacken provides RedFOX with a virtual army of skilled, ethical hackers who can protect our network — as well as the systems of the companies we build — from blockchain baddies.

And as RedFOX Labs continues to help lay the foundation of the globe’s tokenized future, we remain committed to defending Southeast Asia’s impenetrable blockchain fortress.

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